"Valerie, you are the best! You put up with my whining and encouraged me every time. I did my homework because you care so much! I'm still "balancing" - it's become a natural routine for me- thanks to every there (360 Balance, Austin, TX). I'll be back if I need "fine tuning".

I was referred to Dr. Valerie Johnson for physical therapy for my extreme vertigo by my ENT doctor in Fort Worth. Having had a cochlear implant a few months back, my vertigo became intermittent and then almost a daily issue. I was plain miserable by the time I was referred and tired of the drugs which were supposed to help, but only made me sleepy and I just did not like having to take anything! My quality of daily functioning was beginning to be severely affected. 
Dr. Johnson took a careful history and listened to my story with such sympathy and kindness. We immediately started on exercises to help and diminish my vertigo, the result of disrupted otoliths (crystals)  in the inner ear.  She explained and showed the exercises very clearly and within a week, I was feeling so much better. I felt as if I had been given my life back. I no longer dreaded seeing what the day would bring...dizziness or blessed relief.
We then started working on my balance issues  which had been very affected by my vertigo.  At first I could not do many of the balance exercises, but that improved with time. All the exercises I have worked into my daily routine, and I use a balance pad and balance board as well. It only takes a few minutes out of my day and I am happy to do anything to keep me literally on the straight and narrow! Pun intended!
Dr. Johnson is a joy to work with; she is professional and knowledgable and I am deeply grateful for having met her and received her help.  I highly recommend Dr. Valerie Johnson for her therapy. I know she is just a phone call away should I need her again. 

Terri Harse

"When the world around you is in a spin... It's nice to know that someone's got your back! Thanks for being that someone!"

"I now have hope that in spite of neuropathy in both ankles, plus vestibular problems, I see signs of overall improvement. 

Other doctors have helped me from time to time but I have had some discouragement from a rehab doctor, who gave up on me, and (another doctor). "Get a walker" was his parting shot. I am improving in walking. Walking is important because this is the only cardiovascular exercise I get since I hit 88. Also I hope to improve my posture, which I has assumed was going to stay poor until I crossed the Great Divide.

Bridget (PT and President of 360 Balance, Austin, TX) has assigned me to Dr. Valerie Johnson, who is light years ahead of the many therapists I've been to in the past."

We met Valerie Johnson Through a mutual friend. My husband and I began Balance Therapy in July of 2017. We were experiencing dizziness and not walking or climbing stairs very well. My husband also had several falls at the time,

She completed an assessment for each of us and spent an hour with each of us for every treatment. She sent us home with exercises to do at home, allowing us to progress and feel stable in our home environment. 

Valerie has quite a resume... diplomas in her office are very impressive. She is a great teacher and coach. We are so fortunate to have found someone so well qualified to help us. 

We highly recommend Valerie if you are experiencing falls, dizziness, and are not comfortable climbing stairs and walking. 

She will get you going!!!!

‚Äč-Lorraine and Charles Burton

"Val is the best! After my cerebellar stroke, my brain lost its way to keep me balanced. I continue to improve with her approach. She helped my brain coordinate with my ears and the rest of my body so that I am much closer to a normal life.... walking without a cane and driving!"

Joe Busch

"Valerie, I am thrilled to tell you that I am doing tons better. I did the exercises that you taught me diligently and each day I got better and better.  I can do all the exercises without hardly having to hold on to the wall for the full 2 minutes.  I feel almost normal again and my daily activities are not affected anymore!  I am so thankful for the exercises you taught me and just wanted to share that with you."

I have vestibular problems and associated balance/chronic dizziness.  I have improved significantly since going to Valerie for PT.  I quickly discovered she is more than a PT but also a personal health advocate and coach.  Her PT skills and super friendly, optimistic personality have been crucial to my recovery and outlook towards my physical issues.  I feel very fortunate to have Valerie as a PT and cannot recommend her enough to others.

I had BPPV for over 9 weeks.  I had seen countless specialists and over 10 physical therapy sessions with no luck.  When Valerie was recommended to me, the BPPV was affecting every aspect of my day, from work to trouble concentrating.  Valerie listened to my history of treatment that had been unsuccessful and helped me understand reasons why I could be having the issues I was having.  Then she was able to fix my BPPV in 1 session!  She gave me exercises to help me get back to my normal self faster.  I came back 48 hours later and was still BPPV free.  She is truly the miracle worker she was described to be!  I cannot explain how amazing it is to have my BPPV fixed after so long, I did not realize how much it affected me until the very next day when many coworkers commented on how great it was to see me "back to myself" and "fixed."  I recommend her to anyone that has balance issues, especially ones that are not getting fixed by their current treatment or doctors!

Jessica Davis

When I reached my eighties I began to suffer imbalance and dizziness to the point that I was averaging a fall each week.  I knew that it was just a matter of time till something really serious occurred. A friend who had experienced similar problems recommended that I go see Valerie Johnson who had cured him.

I found Valerie to be a friendly, knowledgeable and capable young woman who incorporated patient's comfort with learning how to naturally avoid these situations,
As a result of her training, I have not fallen in five weeks and am more confident in my daily activities.

If you have an instability problem, I heartily recommend Valerie Johnson.

Vic Tinsley

"I want to thank Valerie for her patience. She does her job well because she cares for her patients"

Valerie Johnson at Balance Therapy is the best.  She is professional and extremely  innovative in her approach to
patients problems.   My husband developed an ongoing vertigo that happened in Nov. 2015 with major balance problems.
We have been seen by the best doctors in Ft Worth and Dallas.  Everyone had a diagnosis but no certain answer.
Apparently he developed a viral infection that led to damage in the nerve of his ear that connects to the brain's
balance center.   He was most unsteady on his feet, could not bend his head over with out losing his 
He couldn't get in a car, much less drive and he had an extreme fear of falling.  He walked hunched over and his feet
were wide apart as he moved.  Then one of the doctors at UT Southwestern gave us the name of Valerie Johnson.
We were a bit skeptical of "vestibular therapy" but desperate enough to give it a try.   Needless to say this
was an answer to our prayers.    After much hard work and sessions, my husband is a different person.
Not to say his vertigo is completely gone but the fear of falling is.  He is not afraid of walking straight or falling
and his gait has improved tremendously!   He would say improvement of at least 85%.  He is more confident
and I can see such a difference in his stability, mood and appearance.
Valerie and Balance Therapy gave us tools and exercises to do but most importantly HOPE!!!
She is very fun yet professional, patient and determined for you to be the best you can be.
I would highly recommend her and we will be returning from time to time for a "tune up".
Cyndie Robinson RN