Valerie Johnson, PT, DPT 

Vestibular and Neuro Rehab specialist

​Dr. Valerie Johnson founded Fort Worth Balance Therapy Center to best serve those living with Parkinson’s disease, imbalance, and dizziness. She has a doctorate in physical therapy and is certified in PWR! (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery!) and LSVT BIG therapy for Parkinson’s. She also teaches dance and movement classes for Parkinson’s. Valerie hosts a Parkinson’s support group and is a co-founder of ENDeavor PARKINSONology of Fort Worth, a non-profit program offering free exercise classes, education, and community resources for people with Parkinson’s. Valerie attended Emory University to earn her Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency Certificate sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Association. She is the team neuro-therapist for the Dallas Mavericks, providing comprehensive concussion evaluations and treatments. Valerie has additional certifications and training in concussion testing and rehab, advanced vestibular rehab, vision retraining, and Pilates. ​​

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